Meditation Programs:

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Modern Meditation - Webinar Program

This is a downloadable audio program created to support you with your meditation snacking. It has two core parts to it. 
1: Teaching about Modern Meditation, including tutorials for 6 different and easy meditation snacks. 2: Individual tracks guiding you through doing each of the 6 different meditation snacks.  Carry these on your mobile device, and you will have all the support you need to experience the power of meditation throughout your day. It is available at

Modern Meditation - Audio Program

This is the same as above, but in much more detail. It is four 45-minute webinars where I take you through what meditation is, why I developed modern meditation and I also teach you all the meditation snacks from the audio program. 
It is available at



Flower of Your Heart - Guided Meditation

This is a downloadable guided meditation journey to help you create more calmness, inner peace, relaxation and connection with the depths of your heart. It has three parts to it that you can play individually or together. 
Part 1: Guided Relaxation. Part 2: Guided Visualisation. Part 3: Relaxing Music (great for going to sleep with).
This is also available from Inspired Living at